I love the artistry of makeup and how it can transform, elevate and amplify a face. I love the feeling of creating something that makes a customer happy and hearing them say as they look in the mirror  “wow, I can’t believe how I look, I feel beautiful!” or “I feel more confident now”- it is music to my ears. It would only seem natural that after thousands of makeovers, photo shoots and runway models, I would find a way to intersect my love of beauty and my faith.

I was reluctant about the idea for a long time. Because of my years of experience in the industry, I knew the extraordinary amount of work it takes to create a beauty brand and how difficult it is for a new brand to stand out among the noise of the cosmetic industry.

It started with the “Why”. Why would this brand exist? What could we do that was different? How could we serve others through this brand?  How could we share our faith through beauty? As the story goes on our website, my partner saw the bigger vision and mapped out the blueprint during a road trip which made 3 Graces Beauty a reality. We launched with the Radiant Lip Gloss and have many more exciting products on the horizon.

As we start this exciting journey, we don’t know where it will take us, but we are sure of one thing, GRACE will lead us. Thank you for joining us!

– Colleen