Colleen had the absolute pleasure to speak with Julie Lyles Carr from All Mom Does Podcast + Blog a couple of weeks ago. 

With five daughters, Julie understands how daunting it can be to navigate the make-up conversation. Julie highlights key points that they talked about on the podcast coming April 28. 

"It should be fun, not a point of conflict. I love this advice I got from Colleen Kirk, one of the founders of 3 Graces Beauty. She notes that it’s so important to view makeup as a form of self-expression and artistry."

"Teach them early to be thoughtful about the ingredients they are using. I’ve long been teaching my kids about nutrition and healthy lifestyle practices and all the rest…but didn’t always think about it when it came to cosmetics."

"I love supporting female-led companies with great faith messages. That’s 3 Graces Beauty and so I feel like it’s a win/win, giving myself and my daughters products I feel good about while also giving some love to companies like 3 Graces Beauty."

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