Creating Your Lip Wardrobe has Never Been Easier

Like clothing, lips have essential colors that match moods, events, and seasons. The color of lips is ever-changing, and trends have lent themselves to encouraging some wild looks throughout the years. But when it comes down to the essentials, what colors are good staples to have, and which are just temporary flings? We are breaking down all the ins and outs of lips to help you craft the perfect lip wardrobe that will satisfy your every kiss. 

The Essential Colors

Wear-with-everything Neutral – For the times when you want a little but not too much, it’s time to brush on that perfect neutral. Choose a tone the matches your natural lip shade, or even one to two shades darker. Changing the tone of your natural lips slightly can enhance your lips without making them become too much of a statement. As a bonus, this lip is perfect for everyday and especially that all-to-illusive “natural makeup look”.

Want to dress up this lip look? A smokey eye nude lip combo is the perfect pair for a night out on the town that will radiate sexy in an understated glow. So, stock up on your favorite shade and enjoy a staple that will take you from day to night with just one swipe.  

Classic Red – There has always been a love/hate relationship when it comes to this classic beautiful color. Hollywood starlets have put a strong red lip look into the role of vixen, but its powerful impact is so much more. It’s time to face that fear and embrace the color that has become even more chic than Vogue. Red can be daring, it can be feminine, it can be fabulous, and it can belong on your luscious pout.

Finding the perfect tone for your skin is the key, and thankfully there are so many options in the beauty world. Try an orange-hued red for a fun summer night, or a pink-hued one for day-time fun. Feeling a bit edgier? Go for a darker shade of ruby and a simple lined eye. Your pout will find its place at center-stage and have audience’s everywhere begging for an encore. 

Pretty In Pink – Pinks are the ultimate feeling of femininity. They go with most makeup looks and are perfect even for just a bit of rouge on our makeup free weekends. Pinks tend to bring out the sweet side of our lips and complement our every makeup whim.

Lip shades offer a variation to pinks that make them even more alluring in their unique hues. Mauve pinks to strawberry pinks, and every tone in between call to the girly girl inside us all. But even more so, this color calls to 90% of our clothing wardrobe as an easy companion. Seasons can also bring about a change in tone with winter calling for deeper shades and summer insisting on bright and cheery warmth. I urge you, beautiful reader, to try them all! Find the one that you feel best fits your lip and rock it all day, all year long.  

3 Graces Beauty Radiant Lip Gloss Essential Colors

The Fun Extras

The magical world of beauty has continued to give special collections, creations, and inspiration, so adding some fun extras to your core color collection is destiny. But where to start completely depends on your desired look and style. Adding a lip gloss with some bling is always a nice addition that can take any classic look to the next level. Do you remember the red sugar lip that took social media by storm a few years ago? We do, and it was glorious. Adding some sparkle to your pout is not only stunning, its super fun! 

If glitter isn’t your thing, try pumping up the volume with a pop of bright color. Salmon is always a smart choice when adding to your lip collection because it is neutral but not. If you’re not convinced enough to commit to a whole tube of salmon colored goodness, try combining a little of your beloved red to a pink pout. Take it a step further by adding a salmon lip gloss over your pink color and enjoy a new tone to your everyday look.  

The Accessories

Whenever we speak of lip color, we can’t ignore that prep is key. Color loves a smooth, hydrated canvas so we must make sure that our lips are packed with essential nutrients. Use a lip scrub with organic cane sugar to sweep away any dry, dead cells and stimulate the lips for a plumper pout. Make sure your scrub contains a hydrating component that will replace the nutrients your lips are craving. Moringa oil is quickly becoming one of the most underrated ingredients on the beauty market and rightfully so. It is rich in antioxidants and helps to diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Like our face, our lips need a little love. So, prep that pout and color it with your new core collection of lip favorites.