10 Top Makeup Trends for Fall 2021

Makeup 90s style is taking over and it’s time to say hello to color, grunge, and everything in between. There is something for everyone in fall’s top trends. But it’s not just about becoming a mirror image of runway models at Paris Fashion Week. Making a trend work for you is all about personalizing it to your face. We are bringing you 2021 makeup trends with a twist – how to make these top trends work in the real world of everyday life. Who knows, maybe even get a head start on planning those Christmas makeup looks.

1. Vamp Lips - One of the most versatile looks from our list of fall’s top trends is vamp lips. These plumped-up berry beauties are vibrant and can be taken from day to night, at any age. Our #107 Radiant Lip Gloss is the perfect color for this look with its deep hues and rich berry color. Lip prep is vital when trying this trend because you want a smooth canvas. Don’t forget to prep your pout with a lip scrub and hydration like our Radiant Lip Scrub and Lip Savior. The most important part of following this trend is finding the right hue for your skin-tone. Pay attention to the undertone of your skin and match accordingly-

Vampire Lips Beauty Trend


2. Smokey Eyes – The beauty world has given us a lot of rules and wearing a smokey eye after 40 is one of them. It is also one of those rules that we are happy to break. While a black smokey eye can be harsh, replacing those deep hues with a cool-toned brown or forest green will instantly soften the look and bring color back to your skin.

Smokey Eyes Beauty Trend


3. Pastels – If the Met Gala has taught us anything in the world of beauty, it’s that pastels are back. In, on, and around, artists have given us endless inspiration of how to use these shades of lilac and pink. Again, with color, paying attention to the tone of your skin is key. For those with a cool undertone (pink, blue) adding pink to your eye will look more night-of-the-living-dead than Vogue cover-worthy.

Pastels Beauty Trend


4. Smudge Kohl Eye Liner – This full 90s grunge look has us rocking fingerless gloves and tulle skirts all over again. If you were all about this trend in its original heyday, you probably aren’t ready to revisit it anytime soon. But replacing black with brown or purple and smudging from the center of your eye to the end; it will give the same punch without looking too intense.

Smudgy Beauty Trend


5. Glowy, Dewy Skin – Hello healthy skin, 2021 is calling! We are always here for that dewy skin look because it is possible with the right foundation. Not makeup foundation, but the foundation of healthy skin. A smooth surface will help lay the prep for a flawless looking face and that means repairing your skin's barrier. Facial Oils, like the Radiant Facial Balm, are packed with hydration that moisturizes as it repairs the skin barrier.

Glowy Beauty Trend


As our skin ages, it changes, often losing color, fullness and firmness. Makeup can help correct, enhance, compliment, and sometimes cover imperfections, but improving the health of your skin is the only true corrector. Unfortunately, most of what we see on social media is fresh faced, wrinkle-free 20-year-olds with professional lighting and perfectly edited makeup. If you are 40+, it can be a bit daunting to try new things, but don’t let age be your gage when it comes to experimenting with new trends and colors. Not everything you see will work the same for you but learning how to take adapt it to your skin and lifestyle is key.


5 Additional Noteworthy Trends for 2021- you can experiment with them out for fun!

  • Soapy Brows
  • Inner Corner Eye Shadow
  • 60’s Crease
  • Winged Eyeliner
  • Big Fake Lashes
 Soapy Brow Beauty Trend
 Inner Corner Beauty Trend
 60's Crease Beauty Trend
 Winged Eyeliner Trend
 Big Fake Lashes Trend