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Like Many Good Ideas Begins the story of 3 Graces Beauty

3 Graces Beauty was born on a road trip with two tired working moms in need of a little inspiration and lots of concealer.

The night was nothing out of the ordinary, even the trip was nothing spectacular. Driving through the night, we were doing what friends do. We talked! We talked about life, about work, about raising our girls. We talked about our hopes for them (and for us), and we talked about what the future might bring. Before we knew it, our talking turned into reminiscing. We reminisced about how we were raised, the things we were taught, especially by our mothers, and how our faith was instrumental in shaping who we are today.

Trading mom-isms (“Pretty is as pretty does!”, “If you act half as nice as you look, you’ll be fine.” and “Anything worth doing is worth doing well.”) turned into recalling our favorite verses with Colleen suddenly pulling out a notebook to see how many we could remember by heart. The power of this conversation and these simple yet outrageously powerful reminders gave us a sense of peace and clarity. And…an idea!!

We want what every mother wants for her child! We want our children to have a strong faith, to possess integrity, and to develop a strong desire to help others. We want them to learn that we are stronger when we support each other; we want to raise them to be aware of their responsibility to make this world a better place for the next generation; and above all, we want them to understand that true beauty comes from the inside. Sure, makeup is fun and even necessary at times, but kindness, compassion, and courage are far more important.

It is no secret that we both love beauty products and understand their power to transform, but we also know that there is so much more to beauty than just a pretty face. Our passion grew from there, and it is our overwhelming pleasure to share with you the 3 Graces Beauty line of beauty products that are not only functional but can also encourage the heart and lift the spirit.

Each lip gloss in this collection is inscribed with some of our favorite inspirational quotes inspired by some of our most favorite verses. Our hope is that they will inspire, uplift, and encourage you, and that most of all they will remind you of the amazing Grace that surrounds us all!

3 Graces Beauty Lipglosses held by a hand3 Graces Beauty Radiant Lipgloss Hydrating for Your Lips3 Graces Beauty Lipglosses held by a hand