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Our first product, Radiant Lip Gloss, is a collaboration between a classically trained portrait artist and a skilled makeup artist. The glosses feature beautiful, vibrant pigments infused with our signature lip serum for intense color that gives a radiant shine to your lips.

7 chic, vibrant colors that perform like a lipstick with a radiant, high shine finish for polished perfection. Powered by nourishing plant based ingredients, Radiant Lip Gloss leaves lips feeling soft and hydrated for hours.

  • Highly saturated with layers of pigments that drench lips with vibrant color.
  • The 7 hand crafted colors have been expertly blended to compliment all skin tones and can be mixed to create unlimited shades to match your individuality.
  • Our signature lip serum helps moisturize dry lips, repair damage, and keeps lips soft and smooth long after the color has gone.
  • Gives a luminous, picture perfect, high shine finish to lips.
  • Powered by Clean Ingredients, Fragrance Free, Cruelty-Free,  and Paraben Free
3 Grace Beauty Radiant Lipgloss Collection
3 Graces Beauty Our Ingredients
Ingredients in our Collection

The lip serum in our gloss is an exclusive blend of nutrient rich, skin nourishing ingredients including Moringa, Acai Berry, Pataua, Passionfruit and Squalane Oils along with Kpagnan Butter. Each ingredient is sustainably sourced and carefully blended with vibrant pigments to create gorgeous colors that love your lips!

Moringa Powder in 3 Grace Beauty
Moringa Powder in 3 Grace Beauty
Moringa Powder in 3 Grace Beauty
Passion fruit Oil 3 Graces Beauty
Squalane Oil 3 Graces Beauty
Kpagnan Butter 3 Graces Beauty
3 Grace Lips showcasing the benefit of the lipgloss

It’s about products that work. For her entire career, Colleen has worked in the beauty industry from makeup artist to product specialist, from consultant to beauty publicist. Her career has lead her from editorial work to special effects with makeup for film and television and then on to the direct selling arena where she has helped thousands of women around the world learn how to build their own successful beauty businesses. From Paris to the Amazon and in whatever capacity she found herself, Colleen’s work has had a significant impact on the beauty industry as well as on the people she has met and the women she has influenced.

We knew the products had to deliver on performance and be free from harmful ingredients. In developing our first product, Radiant Lip Gloss, Colleen spent more than 2 years working with a classically trained portrait artist to perfect the color pigments. Together, they spent hours mixing colors to create the perfect color range, testing and tweaking to ensure they would work for all skin tones. The result is 7 vibrant colors that deliver superb staying power as they glide on perfectly for a beautiful finish.