3 Graces Beauty offers products with clean, sophisticated formulas for all life experienced skin. Each one targets the skin’s natural regeneration and repair mechanisms to promote healthy, more radiant skin. We begin with well-researched natural ingredients and super-power botanicals that are free from harsh chemicals and toxins and never tested on animals.

Beyond the super functional, skin loving formulas, each of our products are inscribed with words to encourage throughout the day when you need a little moment of Grace.

3 Graces Beauty Lipglosses held by a hand3 Graces Beauty Radiant Lipgloss Hydrating for Your Lips3 Graces Beauty Lipglosses held by a hand
Our Approach 3 Graces Beauty

Great looking skin is not just for the young, you can have great skin at any age. However, as we age, our environment, lifestyle and hormonal changes can disrupt the natural balance in our skin. We look to nature when formulating our products, using high performance, nutrient rich, superfood ingredients to assist in restoring and maintaining healthy skin. Each of our products are designed to provide multiple benefits, making them efficient and easy to use.

3 Restorative actions guide our product development to bring back the skin’s ideal structural balance:

  • The first is focused on the skins outer layer, which is its natural barrier and first line of defense against the environment. This part of the skin is where you see visible damage such as fine lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness. When the outer layer is disrupted, skin can feel dry, irritated, uneven and less luminous. 3 Graces products feature gentle natural oils and emollients to help repair the barrier and restore its protective shield.
  • Secondly, we reinforce the levels just beneath the skin’s surface with potent botanicals rich in antioxidants to counterattack the toxins that can destroy the skin’s structural matrix.
  • Thirdly, we use well-researched botanical ingredients that target the repair and restoration of structural levels of the skin and promote healthy cell turnover.

We are inspired by the pure beauty we are all born with and continue to develop through our experiences and the wisdom we gain.

Beauty is more than physical attractiveness, it is an attitude, an inner light and what we like to call Grace. There are 3 elements of Grace that drive us forward: Faith, Hope and Love. 

We believe that beauty goes beyond how we look. It is also our attitude, our character and the actions we take to lift ourselves up and those around us.

3 Graces Beauty was born on a road trip with two tired working moms in need of a little inspiration and lots of concealer.

Driving through the night on a 9-hour road trip and fueled by a couple of lattes, we settled in for a good long chat. We talked about life, about work, about raising our girls and reminisced about our many travel adventures. And beauty. What was next for us? How could we create and share something that would encompass all that we know and have experienced? And how would it be different? This is how our 3 Graces Journey began.

Meet Colleen!

My fascination with beauty products began at age 11 after discovering a “Vogues Guide to Beauty” book at the library (much to my mother’s chagrin). That began the endless experimentation making skincare products and learning makeup techniques. I went on to spend my entire career in the cosmetic industry as a makeup artist, product developer and publicist, transforming faces and training other aspiring artists. I studied my craft under and was mentored by some of the greats in the industry, both artists and chemists. I have always created my own version of products, constantly experimenting with how they affect the skin and how they could be better. Hours mastering the art of blending, mixing, and creating custom color palettes. My 3 sisters have always been my greatest fans – every year for Christmas they would get a customized makeup bag of the newest and on trend makeup and skin care products for the year, chosen and curated just for them. It is what I love to do. My husband is a classically trained portrait artist and we have had so much fun collaborating on creating the unique 3 Graces color palette for the Radiant Lip Gloss collection- more to come!

Meet Hermione!

My journey began in the kitchen. I have always loved to cook, creating healthy, plant-based dishes that were delicious and nutritious. This passion led me to university to study nutritional science and on to a career that spanned the globe. During the course of my work, I have led teams in developing plant based nutritional supplements, weight management programs, and children’s nutrition products. Later in my career, I was tapped to bring my expertise in plant-based nutrition for the development of skin care products. Little did I know at the time that we were on the forefront of a new horizon, the fusion of health and beauty where clean eating evolved into clean beauty.

Over the years, I have been the recipient of mentorship by some extraordinary women, which gave me the certainty to step out with Colleen to create our own line of beauty products.  


With a friendship of over 20 years, the 3 Graces Beauty brand fuses our collective knowledge of beauty and nutrition.

Driven by our faith, we believe in the small moments of Grace we take each day to remind us to pause, reflect, and ultimately encourages us to lift up ourselves and those around us. Our hope is that 3 Graces will encourage others to share the Grace.